The V^Z Project

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What's the V^Z Project? You may have heard me mention it before but what is it?

As most of you may know, I do all of my own music production, mixing, mastering, graphic design, merchandising, marketing, web design and more and that's all exhausting. After doing so much on my own, I did research on how the music industry works and realized that it was time for a change. I began researching and experimenting with different ways of distributing my music, marketing and rewarding fans and learned that there was a great opportunity sitting right in front of me. I found the best way to market my music, fund projects and interact with fans all at the same time and found how I could do all that on a level never-before-seen in content-creation launching a different kind of crowdfunding campaign.

Have you ever wondered why if celebrities really love their fans then why do they make themselves so inaccessible to them; oftentimes, rejecting them?

I don't know. But I aim to change that. That's what gave me the idea. I found a way to be a normal person; friend even, to the people who believed in me with what I was able to accomplish with 0 resources or help and realized what I could do with their support.

The plan is pretty simple, you can choose exclusive access to gaming rewards on Twitch, music rewards on Tradiio or the entire V^Z Project as a bundle on Patreon. Each platform has 4 tiers; Fan, SuperFan, UltraFan and Founder; each with its own set of rewards including rewards for reaching a certain milestone AND there's even a tier where subscribers would earn those benefits for life...whether or not they continue their support.

FOR LIFE! Crazy right?

Things like early access to content, yearly loot-crates, free music, discounts, behind-the-scenes looks, VIP seating at concerts, backstage passes and even something as little as playing video games with me regularly will be something that can be yours. Best of all, once I end my campaigns no one else will ever be able to get those benefits...ever. Even if they paid a million dollars. The rewards I'm offering are not only more than any other "crowdfunder" I've ever seen but they also far outweigh their subscription prices.

Wait, Wait! Before you get all carried away...It's kind of like a loan but more like traditional investment with immediate returns and even greater returns in the long-run. This would essentially make you an investor in me and my company. No matter what platform or level you choose, you are guaranteed to get more in return because you are investing in ME and in return I'm offering you exclusive rewards and perks that no one else has ever attempted before.

If you want to learn more definitely check out the NEXT POST: V^Z PROJECT REWARDS to see what I'm offering to supporters on each platform and tier.

You can also head on over to to compare plans and find the right one for you if you want to be a part of something amazing.


If you're not able to subscribe to one of the member programs but you're still interested in helping with the V^Z Project then you can still help by tweeting out invites to my website or streams, share my content {like this blog post}, follow on social media, host me on Twitch, check out the merchandise on the website or whatever else you could do to spread the word.

Thanks again for being awesome.

- HaXxXo VtotheZ

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