This Is Hard

For those of you that are interested in music, arts, media, sales, owning a business, website development, website design, etc should know that this is not easy.

I keep getting asked by fans when the next song, video or other art that I make will be public and I have to shudder every time I am asked. Why? I just don't always have the time, patience or honestly the creative willpower to push through all of life's issues at once. So, if you are interested in art, music or any of the other things I mentioned above then take some time to read through what I do and why it's such a daunting task. For most music artists, they just focus on the art {if we can barely call it that} but for those who are as hands-on with their art and have to take it all on their own, you start to get winded pretty quick.

1. The Art - Obviously you would have to do your artwork and would have to do it well. In order to master your craft you would need to practice and understand where you could improve from continuously working on your art. Juggle this first.

2. Promotions - So now you have your art, now what? Well, you have to get your art out to the public. For me, I have a website but a website is useless without traffic. That's where you get out there on social media and email lists and get your art seen/heard. If you don't know how to build a website then either learn or pay someone to do it for you. As far as social media, just posting a few pictures and staying up-to-date sounds pretty easy but when you're in charge of everything else then things start to pile up pretty fast.

3. Real Life - So you're an artist but you have a regular life, so what do you do? Do you lock yourself away in a room until your art is complete and disregard the world? No, you can't do that. You would need to juggle your regular life and your creative life together so that there aren't any clashes with the two.

So, for those of you that keep asking when new stuff is coming out then please know that I am always working diligently for you. I'm always looking into new ideas to engage with the fans, connect with new fans and give you all new things for being such awesome fans. It takes a lot to produce music, compose music, write lyrics, record lyrics, master music, become a social media promotions, learn website building, learn website analytics, understand clothing design and much, much more.

Stay awesome peeps

#music #art

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