I already have a logo, is this course for me?

Having a logo doesn’t mean you have a brand. Answer these questions: Do you…

  • Know who your ideal client avatar is?
  • Have a clear vision and mission for your business?
  • Know the WHY and values of your business?
  • Use a selected colour palette for all of your marketing materials (website, social media, ads, etc.)?
  • Use a specific font (typeface) for all your marketing materials that reflects your business?
  • Have a photography style that is identifiable throughout all your marketing materials?
If you said no to 3 or more of the above questions, you’re a good fit for the Abundant Brand 101 course.

I’m not good with technology, am I going to be frustrated?

Ha! You’re not the first to ask this question. This course provides a simple step-by-step method and will hold your hand every step of the way. But - learning something new is not always a walk in the park. We can’t guarantee that feelings of frustration won’t show up, but we will be there to support you along the way :)

How do I know when it's the right time to invest in branding or a website?

It’s a good time if you’re ready to create more awareness, credibility, and uplevel your business. If you’re just starting out or didn’t have the budget when you started, they’re both a good reason to invest. Abundant Brand 101 was created to provide maximum value for clients who are not ready to invest in a $5000+ brand package. Branding is the foundation of your business. If you haven’t already gotten clear on your brand personality - both the visual and voice - branding is definitely the place to start. It will make the website process and rolling out social media and other marketing materials much easier.

Does branding really raise my value?

Good question. We have one for you - when you make a purchase at a store, are you more likely to buy something that looks aligned with your values? Maybe you’re into eco-friendly products and buy something that is packaged more sustainably. Or maybe you identify as boho chic and consciously (or subconsciously) are attracted to that chic yet wild-and-free design. Businesses with strong branding outperform companies with weak design by 219%. That’s no small number. AND, when your visual voice really represents YOU, you’ll attract the clients that have similar values. Dream clients... another form of abundance in our books.

I have no sense of design - will I make it past the first module?

We’ve designed this course to be as easy as paint-by-number while still making the design as unique as you. You’ll have an opportunity to get our feedback in the live Q&A sessions, in the private Facebook group of like-minded soulpreneurs, and we won’t let you launch without a thorough review by us first. We know you’ll make it through the first module and all the way to the end.

I don’t think I can complete a brand in 4 weeks…

We get the resistance. We’re not trying to mold you into a designer. Our goal is to help you start creating more awareness ASAP so you can start transforming more lives, while generating more income. If you don’t finish within the 4 weeks, you’ll have lifetime access to this course and the video training. You can take as long as you need to thoughtfully build your brand. Although, we do have a deadline to submit your designs to us for review (your one-on-one BONUS call) 30 days after our final module of the course to motivate you to get it done and not leave the project unfinished.

What exactly will I walk away with?

  • 4x - LIVE Q&A group calls to get your questions answered ASAP
  • 7 live interactive video modules that will be recorded and added to the online course platform to be viewed at any time wherever you are in the world
  • 7 hours of step-by-step brand training that has been used for 60+ brand launches
  • A logo that can be customized from our library of wellness inspired wordmarks
  • Access to a private Facebook group to get feedback from like-minded Soulpreneurs
  • 1x 30-minute one-on-one review call with Lesley and Vitina to launch with confidence
  • Downloadable worksheets and design templates that can be customized to your unique brand
  • A complete brand book with guidelines to save you time and money on your future design projects
  • Lifetime access to all trainings and all future additions in this training free of charge
  • 40x social media templates customizable to your unique brand
  • Photography for Social Media 101 Masterclass with brand photographer Alen Palander to visually communicate and convert your dream clients online

When does Abundant Brand 101 take place?

Abundant Brand 101 takes place October 12 - November 4, 2020. Your one-on-one consultation and review call (your bonus) can be scheduled within 30 days of the course end date.

What is the format and schedule of Abundant Brand 101?

No matter where you are in the world, we want to make this course as accessible and manageable as possible - we get you might have a day job, kids to care for or clients to see. You can either attend our live training calls or watch the recordings at your convenience. You’ll have lifetime access to the course which means you can take as long as you need to complete although it’s encouraged to complete within 30 days to take advantage of your one-on-one consultation bonus to review your brand with us. Each module is a 60-min LIVE group training and our Q&A calls are over Zoom:

  • Oct 14 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 1: Your Money Making Awakening
  • Oct 16 @ 12pm EST - LIVE Q&A Call
  • Oct 19 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 2: The Life Force Energy of Your Biz
  • Oct 21 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 3: Manifest Your Biz Vision & Identity
  • Oct 23 @ 12pm EST - LIVE Q&A Call
  • Oct 26 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 4: The Aura of Your Brand
  • Oct 28 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 5: Conscious Communication
  • Oct 30 @ 12pm EST - LIVE Q&A Call
  • Nov 2 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 6: Creating an Authentic Connection
  • Nov 4 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 7: Your Guide to Brand Awareness
  • Nov 6 @ 12pm EST - LIVE Q&A Call

Can’t I get a $5 logo on Fiverr?

You sure can, but we want to be clear that a logo is not a brand. A logo is one part of the branding process though. If you haven’t done the internal branding components to inform the external brand design, you’ll be creating a logo design aimlessly that might not resonate with your dream clients.

Why choose Abundant Brand over another branding course?

Ah, we thought you’d never ask… Many branding courses we’ve seen are created by entrepreneurs who might have created a brand for themselves but are not actually designers. In our course, we use the same formula that’s been used in over 60+ brand launches over the last 12 years of our design careers. We’ve used this formula for clients and our personal wellness brands that helped us score $40K contracts. We incorporate the timeless branding principles that we learned at OCAD University along with our personal business experience. We’ve designed the course experience to be as digestible as possible for the *non-designer* by using a paint-by-number approach for maximum learning and an end result you’re confident to show off.

Have another question? ask me here.





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